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  New Patient - $200
  Renewal - $100
  Transfer - $100
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Depending on your Medical Marijuana Card status, we have several appointment options for you.


New ID Card - $200
If you have never had a Florida Medical Marijuana card, or if your cards has expired, you need a new patient visit. Upon submission of your application, an additional State of Florida $75 registration fee is due. Please start by completing your FREE on line assessment.
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  Renewal Visit- $100
If you are one of our current patients, and you have a Florida Medical Marijuana Card that needs to be renewed, you need this option.
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  Transfer Visit- $100
If you are tired of paying the "add on" fees that many clinics charge, or if you just want better customer service, we would be glad to help you with your Medical ID Card and prescriptions with a transfer visit.
Click here to schedule a transfer visit.

State of Florida Medical Card Application
The registration fee is $75 and payable online to the State of Florida, when your application is submitted during your appointment. If you need to pay your application fee at a later date, you may do so. The State of Florida will not begin processing your application until your registration fee has been paid.

Military Discount
We are proud to offer a 10% military discount. If you pay for your visit online, just use the code MILITARY at check out, and bring your military ID to your appointment. If you pay in-office, just bring your military ID.